Dave & Associates Barber Shop

            First I would like to give a special thanks to GOD, my FAMILY, my PARENTS and this GREAT COMMUNITY for making this dream happen. Without you all this would not have been possible.  Many thanks and may god bless you all.

           My name is David the BARBER. Here’s to those that don’t already know my background. Born to Hope and Steven Lopez of southern California. I am the second child of four but the first to be born and raised in Tucson, AZ. Fast forward, I have been servicing the community located in the northwest area as a licensed barber for some time now. My American dream has been to open my own barbershop where boys turn into men and old and young mingle alike. Providing professional premium barber services where you are named and not a number.

            Taking great pride in this city I have opened an upscale (home to the sports fan in honor of the U of A) sports barbershop at very affordable prices Offering premium barber classic cuts, traditional fades, flattops, tapers, blowouts and shaves, where we pride ourselves in the art of the RAZOR.

Dave and Associates Barber Shop
Where Image Is Everything...

3684 W. Orange Grove Road Suite # 162
Tucson, AZ 85741

So when you need to be groomed think:

Keepin' it classic

Keepin' it classic


Business Hours

Tuesday-Friday: 8:30am-6pm
Saturday: 8:30am-3pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

3684 W. Orange Grove Road Suite # 162

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